Font is the Face of the Web

font is the face of a webpage as we look at it, while the design makes up the body. i have carefully choosen some of the most good looking fonts, thanks to the webfonts.

the one that is used in all technical articles is


Dalton Maag designed this font for Ubuntu

i am indebted to Ubuntu for putting their font in public doman and Google Font API for hosting them. I am double indebted to Google Font API for all the wonderful font that they host. Google helps small scale web developers and designers for all their effort.

Glass Antiqua is the one used as article titles

Mr De Haviland is used to display the name in the home page

Prajeeth K .

Article subtitles are in Arima Madurai. such a nice font.

in this world, i walk on the wrong side of the road. it's my freedom​‌” is in Nova Slim

Menus are in Verdana


Though san serif fonts are a charm, serif fonts are sometimes as good looking as san serif ones.

Kaushan Script is used in this title.